Saturday, March 26, 2016

Can @realDonaldTrump Get to 1,237 Delegates?

To clinch the nomination, Donald Trump needs to win just 55% of the remaining 899 delegates. Cruz needs 86% and Kasich needs 121%. (Hint: Give anyone any odds they want that Kasich will get 1237 in the primaries)

CNN notes:
"If things continue on the same trajectory that they are on right now. Trump is going to get to 1,237 delegates or awfully close to 1,237," said University of Georgia Professor Joshua Putnam, an expert of the delegate math and publisher of the Frontloading Hq blog...
The race is also certain to take several months to wrap up. The primary schedule means Trump will have to at least wait until the June 7 contests -- including the mammoth California primary with its 172 delegates -- before he can definitively clinch the nomination.

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