Monday, February 15, 2016

Eliot Spitzer, Using the Name 'George,' Attempted to Visit Woman in Hospital He Allegedly Attacked

Svetlana Travis

More details are emerging surrounding the alleged attack by Eliot Spitzer of a 25-year old woman,Svetlana Travis, at New York City's Plaza Hotel, once owned by Donald Trump.

Police went to the hotel Saturday after receiving a 911 call by Travis. On a first visit, Spitzer answered the door and said that everything was fine.

On a second visit, inside the room where Travis was staying with Spitzer, police removed several items as possible evidence, according to a law enforcement official. The items, including broken glass, indicated some kind of fight had occurred in the hotel room, the official added, according to NyPo.

The woman was taken to the Mount Sinai West Hospital.  At the hospital, she told staffers that Spitzer had choked her and she had cuts from a broken glass.

A NyPo source says that in a second interview with police, Travis "said that she told Spitzer she was going back to Russia, and he got upset and started throwing her around, choked her, threw her to the ground and threatened her. 'She then broke a glass, cut herself and called 911.'"

CNN is now reporting that a senior law enforcement official said Spitzer tried to visit the woman at the hospital, hiding his face with a skullcap and using the name "George."


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