Friday, February 26, 2016

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump's presidential bid Friday at a press conference in Texas, saying there is no one better prepared to lead the country in the Republican 2016 race.

(via CNN)


Christie says at press conference:

Donald Trump is "the best person to beat" HillaryClinton.

Trump strong enough to take on the establishment.


  1. Are voters so moronic that the endorsement of a politician or celebrity is going to sway them?

    "Well, I was going to vote for Hillary, but I loved Rob Petrie, so now I Feel the Bern!"

    "I supported Rubio because he has a lisp just like I do. But if another guy with a lisp endorses Trump, I guess I do too!"

    1. The voters don't really care. The point of this endorsement is to drive the 24-hour news cycle away from establishment hacks slobbering over Rubio's debate performance and towards talking about Trump. Nobody's really going to care about Christie when they vote on Tuesday, but they won't be thinking about the establishment pro-Rubio post-debate spin either because of this. What's concerning is whatever backroom deal Trump likely cut with Christie. It makes sense given his business dealings for him to have good relationships with Christie and Giuliani, but the thought of having them as his brain trust is troubling.

    2. I agree with Obamdaon, Christie and Giuliani are quite open about their love for the police state. Seeing those two in a Presidential cabinet is scary

  2. If Trump gets the nomination, Christie probably just solidified the VP slot for himself...