Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Hampshire Poll; Rubio Climbs to Second Place

The  Boston 7News/UMass Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll via channel 7 Boston reports:
It's not an earthquake, yet...But the political ground in New Hampshire is moving.

We're seeing more of Iowa's impact, and the war of words underway here.

Hillary Clinton is coming back; and Marco Rubio is coming up.

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Donald Trump stays in first, with 36%; Rubio takes over second place, with 15%. Ted Cruz, now in third, has 14%. Jeb Bush, 8%; and John Kasich 7%.

For the rest of the Republicans: Chris Christie, 5 %, Ben Carson, 4%; Carly Fiorina 3% and undecided 8%.

Our tracking poll show its all: Trump on top, but down two points-- the first time he's dropped in our poll.

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  1. Something is just fucking weird about this Rubio surge and I almost wonder if that's why the FBI is after Hillary even though I hate her. Tom Delay says he has friends in the FBI that told him she will get indicted? Kind of strange. Any why aren't they going after Colin Powell and Condiliza Rice? They did the exact same thing.