Monday, February 8, 2016

Jeb Bush in Second Place

From the Emerson College Polling Society:
With the New Hampshire primary happening tomorrow, a new Emerson College statewide survey shows Republican Donald Trump poised to win in the Granite State with 31% of likely GOP primary voters. The battle is on for second place, with the next four candidates separated by just 5 percentage points: Jeb Bush (16%), John Kasich (13%), Marco Rubio (12%) and Ted Cruz (11%). In the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders maintains a lead over Hillary Clinton, 54% to 42%.

1 comment:

  1. The RCP average still has the shrub way back in 5th place:

    Protectionist: 31.2%
    Marcobot: 14.0%
    MrWontShutUp: 13.5%
    CruzMissle: 11.8%
    Shrub: 11.5%
    Prosecutor: 5.8%
    Cruella: 4.8%
    SleepWalker: 2.8%

    It's a coin toss, 2nd-5th is all within the margin of error.