Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Inside the Rand Paul Camp

Chip Englander, Rand’s presidential campaign manager, who was to run his senate reelection effort, has instead joined Rubio.

Go that, he left Rand for a crashing Rubio?  That should tell you a lot about the turmoil inside the Rand operation.

I'm told that it is extremely difficult to work for Rand's right-hand man, chief strategist Doug Stafford, and that was the reason behind the Englander exit. Putting it mildly personalities clashed/

Englander is no libertarian (as evidenced by his willingness to jump to the warmonger Rubio) but his skills were never on display for any to judge as a result of the Stafford iron rule.

This can't be a good sign for Rand's Kentucky re-election campaign.

I'm told Senior Advisor and New England Chief Strategist  Mike Biundo has jumped to the Kasich campaign.


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