Monday, February 29, 2016

Further Consideration of Hitler's Penis

Ever the seeker of truth, Taki does it:
How much more evidence do we need that those who triumphed in World War II are the sorest winners in world history? Adolf Hitler has been dead for over 70 years, yet they still can’t resist poking his corpse. In addition to dubious attempts to prove via DNA testing that he was Jewish and the never-say-die rumor that he was beset with only one testicle, now comes extraordinarily sketchy innuendos that the Nordic gods had cursed him with a “tiny deformed penis.”
Naturally this was blasted all over the web last week by the haters of All Things White, who chuckled and guffawed and immediately linked the merest murmur of an instinct toward white self-preservation as the undeniable result of micropenis-induced compensatory rage. But an actual reporter who actually thought it actually might be a good idea to do some actual fact-checking contacted Emma Craig, coauthor of Hitler’s Last Day: Minute By Minute, the book whence the rumor originated. In reality, all Craig’s book had stated was that Hitler was “believed” to suffer from an undescended testicle and penile hypospadias. In other words, there was zero evidence to support this allegation. And since penile hypospadias is only rarely associated with micropenis, Craigie stated that any suggestions that the Fuhrer had a teeny weenie based on her book constituted quite a logical “leap.”

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  1. I agree this is stupid. I still like to use the Nazis as evidence of big government run amok. I mean they're a great example.