Friday, February 5, 2016

Donald Trump Ad on Political Correctness

It takes too much time?


  1. Yeah, kinda weak. But a lot like his other positions: short on principles, long on pragmatism.

  2. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort defensing yourself from skrieking feminist and SJWs to reveal your identity, go on mass smear campaigns deliberately representing you and attempting to get you fired, etc etc.

    Just look up the Thunderf00t channel on youtube and many of his videos dedicated to the mass campaign against him trying to get him fired for speaking out against Feminists and liberal BS.

    So yes, it takes too much time.

  3. Everyone's mind is surrounded by a minefield. It doesn't matter if the mines are sensible or how they got there. They are there. No matter how brilliant your message, people won't hear it if you step on one of their land mines. The uber PC language police are deliberately trying to plant more and more mines around more and more minds. Libertarians have a bad habit of gleefully dancing on other people's land mines, then pointing to the explosions as evidence of their own rationality and their opponents irrationality because they would rather be smug than free.

    If you want to start brush fires of liberty in the minds of men you must navigate the minefields first. I finance at others silly land mines will not make anyone more free.