Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bad News for Trump From Google

FiveThirtyEight reports:
 [T]he post-Iowa media environment seems changed. Rubio and Cruz are now much closer to Trump in Google search volume, especially in New Hampshire where the three candidates have become almost equal in search traffic. The empirical value of Google search data is something that we haven’t studied fully, but in Iowa it may have been a leading indicator that Rubio and Cruz were gaining ground.


  1. They are probably looking up all of the Cruz fraud shenanigans and Rubio gay rumors that have surfaced recently

  2. This should be interesting because it's very clear from Drudge's headlines today (he's got a big anti-Rubio headline above his banner as I write this) that Drudge hates Rubio. In 2012, Drudge hated Santorum and ran everything negative he possibly could on him until he crashed and burned. More than likely, Drudge knows Rubio is catching fire and he's trying to stop him cold in his tracks.