Monday, January 25, 2016

The Nazi-esque Plan to Bring “Multiculturalism” to the German Countryside

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:
Like America’s cultural Marxists, Germany’s totalitarian-minded thugs just hate — hate!!! — all aspects of Western civilization, even peaceful, hard-working farmers in rural Germany.  So Germany’s Soviet-style “Minister of Infrastructure and Agriculture” wants to destroy the “tight-knit” rural communities in Germany by forcing thousands of North African and Middle Eastern traveling welfare parasites, rapists, and criminals on them. You know, the type that recently invaded a German public swimming pool where they molested women, attempted to break into the womens’ changing room, and defacated in the pool.  Looking at Germany’s rural population as so many rats in a cage waiting to be experimented upon, the Minister of Infrastructure and Agriculture says these areas are his own pet “laboratories of integration.”
Coming soon to to a pool near you.  Twenty years ago the odious Jesse Jackson lead a mob of Stanford University students in the cultural Marxist chant, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Culture’s Got to Go.”  Yale turned down a $100 million donation from the Bass family of Texas earmarked for more faculty to teach Western Civilization.  “Higher” education is in many ways the root of all evil.
Note: Given some discussions I have had, I suspect that some libertarians will object to DiLorenzo's view as being anti-libertarian, But government directed, financed and escorted immigrants to areas where no one wants them is not libertarianism. It is the evil state infiltrating deeper into the fabric of  society. To turn a blind eye to this and proclaim "open borders are good" misses the fact that this is not  a simple case of open immigration but a package that delivers with it forced support by the state that many may not want to have anything to do with.

Indeed, it appears that it is an effort by the state to breakdown relatively private communities for the advancement of the state. It is, as DiLorenzo correctly writes, a state-led attack on Western Civilization.

(DiLorenzo comments via LRC)



  1. One can be for letting employers and landlords hire and rent to whoever they want and can be against government force importation of people. If it's not voluntary its statist.

  2. "It is, as DiLorenzo correctly writes, a state-led attack on Western Civilization." Thanks for pointing out the distinction. But is this paragraph from a recent DiLorenzo column? The only link you gave was to amazon book sales.