Saturday, January 16, 2016

Michael Moore Campaign: Arrest Gov. Rick Snyder

I am for arresting politicians on almost any charges.

I have no objections to Michael Moore's campaign. I don't trust his organization, Democracy for America, though.

His email letter:

Robert --

The crisis in my hometown of Flint, Michigan keeps getting worse.

As I explained in my email below, we already knew that Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointed emergency manager effectively poisoned children and their families by giving them drinking water full of lead and other toxins. They stopped using clean water from Lake Huron and started using dirty water from the extremely polluted Flint River. They believed it was more important to "cut costs" than protect public health.

The actual costs are staggering -- including children who will experience a lifetime of pain and suffering thanks to lead poisoning.

This week, we learned that 10 people died in Flint from Legionnaire's Disease, a dangerous and virulent illness usually spread through water. Those deaths came after the city was ordered to switch its water source to the Flint River.

Gov. Snyder has asked the federal government to declare a state of emergency in Flint. But he's still in office. He hasn't resigned. He hasn't been arrested. That must change.

More than 75,000 Democracy for America members have signed my petition urging Gov. Snyder to resign and be arrested for his crime of poisoning Flint's drinking water. Will you join them? Sign my petition today and let's bring justice to the people of Flint.

Thank you for fighting back.

Michael Moore
Filmmaker and Flint native

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  1. I've been reading up on this story with Flint, MI and it's pretty damm disgusting. By the way is there something wrong with your RSS feed for this site? EPJ still works fine on my reader but with TL it keeps saying undefined.