Friday, January 29, 2016

FBI VIDEO Oregon Protester Shooting

Martin Hill of emails:

At 5:51 he pulls his truck onto the snowbank to avoid the roadblock

At 5:56 he gets out of his vehicle he puts his arms up, at his sides, 90 degree angle as if his arms are airplane wings

he then puts his arms down several times, and looks like he is reaching into his jacket.

At 6:10 he is shot dead.

i've watched it several times and  it looks like the one cop nearly gets hit, or gets hit, I am not certain if the car actually hit him.

however, finicum appears to be reaching several times with his right arm/hand into the inside of his jacket.

if that were an intruder into  our homes, we'd be justified in taking him out.

especially after he ran into a cop with his car.

unfortunately these were very crazy and foolish actions for this guy to take,.

yes, perhaps the cops could have handled it non lethally, however, sorry to say that finicum brought his death on by himself.

I'm far from a cop lover, but based on what ive seen here, if the cop were tried for murder I would probably actually acquit him.



  1. Will Grigg has a different take.

  2. "but based on what ive seen here, if the cop were tried for murder I would probably actually acquit him"

    Gotta disagree with you, RW. If a group of friends and I decided to block some other people on the road and chase them when they tried to get away, then my friends and I would be responsible for whatever took place afterwards because we initiated the aggression. The uniforms don't change that fact in they eyes of God.

  3. I haven't stated my view that is the view of Martin Hill

    1. Ah, missed that! I should have known better that it wasn't your view!

  4. The cop jumped in front of the guy's moving car. Of course he almost got hit.

  5. Lame argument. Let met guess, Martin Hill is a minarchist who thinks cops and the state are above morality and have rights ordinary humans don't have. All his anti-police activism is law-based, constitution-based, not anti-state, not anti-authoritarian, not anti-aggression.

    Sure, Finicum acted with zero foresight. But that doesn't change the rules of morality. Yeah, he behaved mindlessly given the realities of living in a police state, i.e. the practical requirement for hasty, 100% self-submission with full compliance to all state agent commands at all times or else death at their hands. Sure, by not kowtowing to these state rules, he gave them an excuse in their eyes to kill him. But that does not in any way justify his slaughter after he had committed no crime against any persons or private property.

    What if the cops had no badges and roles were reversed? Imagine those cops as ordinary men were driving down a public road. Finicum puts up a roadblock around a bend. They veer off to the side to avoid hitting him, get out with arms out, but then reach inside their jackets. Anything here so far warrant killing someone under the libertarian code?

    It was the men with the shiny badges who were pointing guns at him _first_ and threatening to kill him _first_, not in response to any aggressive acts on his part toward anyone else or them whatsoever. How can they possibly be justified in killing him? They are murderers, plain and simple.

  6. So let's see...

    1. Wearing a jacket, reaching into your jacket, pulling out a gun, shooting at the cop - killing justified.
    2. Wearing a jacket, reaching into your jacket, pulling out a gun - killing justified.
    3. Wearing a jacket, reaching into your jacket - killing justified.

    Before long...

    4. Wearing a jacket - killing justified.