Sunday, January 24, 2016

CNN: Democrats Plot to Take Rand's Senate Seat

CNN reports:
Democrats in Washington and Kentucky, eager to seize on Sen. Rand Paul's stumbles in the Republican presidential race, are increasingly setting their sights on what once seemed unthinkable: Knocking him out of his Senate seat.
The prospects, they acknowledge, are still slim -- given Kentucky's sharp tilt to the right in recent years. But behind the scenes, Democrats are urging the wealthy mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray, to mount a campaign that he could finance partly on his own, arguing he has at least an outside shot of taking out Paul. 
Paul and his team are watching Gray closely, and his decision on whether to run -- expected by the state's filing deadline [this] week -- could impact the Kentucky Republican's calculation on how long to stay in the presidential race.


  1. If you think of the Democrats and Republicans as one Big Government Party, it doesn't really matter policy-wise which of them is in there.

  2. Goodbye, Rand. You blew it. Let this be a lesson to others.