Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Attention All Libertarians, Your Inboxes No Longer Under Attack: Rand Paul's Top Spammer Fired

Just days before Rand Paul learned that he would not make the primary stage for the FOX Business News presidential debate this Thursday, Target Liberty has learned that he fired the Machiavellian pro-war email maestro Mike Rothfeld.

Rothfeld is probably single handily responsible for Rand and Ron supporters being deluged with spam contribution email solicitation requests at the rate of one every five minutes.

He will not be missed by the hardcore, principled anti-war libertarians, nor by those Paul supporters that were required to upgrade to larger email storage capacity because of Rothfeld spam.

Here's a bit of Rothfeld political philosophy that  dhe shared in an email to insiders some time ago:
 So tough shit for poor RP sheeple that can get it through their heads that Ron does NOT command a majority of virtually any demographic.
And I don't believe in electing people of "integrity."
I believe in forcing integrity by having overwhelming numbers.
Sorry for tone, but I am a bit tired of the cwazy wabbits.

Rothfeld got paid big bucks for providing this type of advice to the Pauls. During the 2012 presidential race alone, Ron Paul's campaign paid Rothfeld more than $7.6 million


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