Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rand Is Set to Bitch About Not Making the Upcoming Prime Time Debate

It should be final tomorrow at 6 PM ET when the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll is released. Unless Rand comes in with a very strong poll number (6 percent), he will be officially disqualified from the top card December 15 Republican presidential CNN debate.

But it appears he will not go down quietly,

Dave Weigel reports:
[Rand] hinted in a Fox News interview Friday night that he would fight to stay in.
"We think if they give us the same treatment that Carly Fiorina was given last time, that you measure from debate to debate, that we do meet the criteria," Paul told host Eric Bolling in an interview from New Hampshire, where is is campaigning this weekend. "We want the same in equal treatment. We have a first-tier campaign and we don't plan on being labeled by the mainstream media anything less."


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  1. Just further proof that the people advising Rand (Doug Stafford?) are in over their heads. Rand needs to do something about his whiny spoiled brat image if he wants his poll numbers to go up.