Thursday, November 12, 2015

AMAZING Rand Paul in the 1990s

When you look at how eloquently and fluently Rand spoke back in the 1990s, in comparison, he now seems to speak as though he is constipated.

Rand needs to let it rip and quit playing up to the elitists and being so cautious about everything he says.

The last debate was the first step in that direction, but clearly this clip shows he is capable of much more.


(ht Travis Holte and Mike Walgenbach)


  1. Wow, this is amazing. After watching this, I have no more doubt, I am convinced this guy is capable of destroying every statist and warmongering argument hurled at him on national television. He is super sharp, can think on his feet, and is very articulate. So where the heck IS this guy? If he doesn't show up soon, there is so much unbelievable potential and political impact that has been wasted.

  2. This is a general pattern with politics. Before you actually are elected to office, you want to destroy the beast. If you have any ambition once you are elected to office, then in order to move up in the party you represent, you have to become the beast.

    This isn't a mistake or a by-product, it is the design of the party system. Those who've never been really involved in the political system can't comprehend it. It is the epitome and genesis of government corruption. The party system has a monopoly on representative politics. Sure, you might be able to get elected as a rogue outsider, but you'll be marginalized in your ability to do anything.

    All that being said, the people really do respond well to those who make principled stands on their positions, left or right. It's when you know your stuff, stand out from the crowd, and offer real answers to real problems, that's when people listen to you.

    Ron Paul wasn't in it for the power. He knew that education of the people, changing the hearts and minds, telling the truth about real problems, these were more important than being the President when you're trying to affect change.

    If you understand the power brokers in politics, then you'd understand that you'd have to sell your soul to be President. That's the status-quo. You're not going to take that head-on and be successful without first having a well educated electorate behind you clearing your path. You're certainly not going to do that by spewing out Republican Party milquetoast BS, because then you're no different than the other power mongers you're on stage with.

    Rand shot himself in the foot. He flip-flops on everything. No one knows what the answer this week will be vs. last week. He's become your stereotypical establishment politician. This is not the Ron Paul you were looking for. Move along.

  3. That was interesting. How did he get on these programs?
    He sounded great here, I mean come on, he used to be Rothbard's chauffeur, how could that not rub off on you?