Tuesday, November 3, 2015

BREAKING: Matt Bevin Wins in Kentucky

Republican Matt Bevin has won the Kentucky governor's race, according to The Associated Press, defeating Democrat Jack Conway.

As I have previously reported. Bevin's brother is a regular reader of Target Liberty and EPJ.

The Bevin victory is not good news for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, and by extension Rand Paul, who has been a Team Mitch supporter.

Bevin is anti-Mitch and recently stated he would rather see  Ben Carson as the Republican presidential nominee, rather than Rand.

I interviewed Bevin in 2013, when he ran in an unsuccessful attempt against McConell, to gain the Republican senate nomination.

At the time, Rand endoresed the crony elitist McConnell over Bevin.



WaPo's report:

Republicans stole a key governor’s seat in a hotly contested race in Kentucky on Tuesday, installing an outsider businessman who has drawn comparisons to Donald Trump as the state’s next chief executive.

Millionaire GOP investor Matt Bevin led Democratic state Attorney General Jack Conway 52-44 with 76 percent of precincts reporting. The race, which was perhaps the most watched among a series of lower-profile races in Tuesday’s off-year election, has been called for Bevin....at issue in the race was the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, alternately known as Obamacare. Bevin said that he would have rejected the federal funds, which many GOP governors have done but which polls show is an unpopular stance. Democrats pilloried him for it, hoping it would be their ticket to victory.

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