Sunday, November 1, 2015

Keep an Eye on the Kentucky Gubernatorial Race

Next week's off-year elections will feature the Kentucky gubernatorial race between Republican Matt Bevin and Democratic state Attorney General Jack Conway.

In 2013, I interviewed Bevin when he ran unsuccessfully for the Republican senate nomination against Mitch McConnell.

Bevin, a former money manager, emerged in politics as part of the generally anti-government Tea Party uprising and he is a staunch anti-McConnellite.

But what's best is that his brother is a hardcore libertarian and a regular TargetLiberty/EPJ  reader. So if Bevin tries any serious totalitarian move, if he gets into office, perhaps his brother would be able to talk some sense into him.

According to WSJ, recent surveys show Conway leading Bevin by between two and five percentage points, so Bevin is definitely an underdog here and his win would be an upset.

I hasten to add though whoever wins, it is not good for McConnell. A Democrat in the Kentucky governor's office is not good for Mitch and neither is Bevin in the office.

This also means that it is not good for Rand since in a strategic error Rand has been a McConnell hugger at a time when Jesse Benton's hold your nose comment about Mitch is the feeling of many in the bluegrass state.


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