Friday, October 16, 2015

Oh Great, Ivanka and Chelsea Both Think that Gender-Based Wage Inequality is a Serious Problem

From Politico:
On the rare occasions when Ivanka [Trump] has plunged deeper into policy, she’s been both pro-women and pro-business. In 2010, she took to Fox News to calmly criticize President Barack Obama and his “anti-business rhetoric,” saying she’s “not overly supportive” of the president. But, like her father, Ivanka is fully capable of veering away from Republican gospel to say, for example—much as her close friend Chelsea Clinton might—that gender-based wage inequality is a serious problem. 

SEE:  Mark Perry Rips Apart the Alleged Gender Pay Gap Claims


  1. I don't know whether there is a real wage gap between the genders or what its causes are. However, I would suggest that the proper libertarian response to such demands is not to dismiss or ridicule such claims, or to try to prove such claims wrong through statistics. Rather, we as libertarians should say, "Ok, you have this concern about an existing inequality. Why not work on solutions through the social means? Rather than trying to use the force of government to coerce companies to raise wages for women, why not use persuasion, education, social activism, and other voluntary methods to work for the change? Governmental coercion just brews resentment and strengthens prejudices. It's much better to change people's hearts through reason and empathy."

    1. Showing their facts are wrong is using reason.