Thursday, October 22, 2015

More on Juror Deadlock in Trial of Ron Paul Inc. Operatives

It is apparently a question of what does "willfully" mean? and a question about "A guy who buys firecrackers".

These appear to be questions surrounding Dmitri Kesari counts rather than the lying to the FBI count against Jesse Benton, though I guess the jury could also be questioning whether Benton "willfully" lied to the FBI.

But my guess is a decision has been reached on Jesse count.

Details here.

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  1. Not knowing both sides of the argument, I will only briefly say that as it relates to the firecracker example, I would say it would be a question of whether the person acted responsibly with the information he/she did have, since claiming to have no information to judge the legality/illegality on would lead to absurdities.

    It reminds me of the question of whether people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ deserve to go to hell? It's not that people did not hear the Gospel, but, rather whether they acted responsibly with the information God did give them in their lifetime.