Thursday, October 22, 2015

Justin Trudeau to Appoint New Cabinet (with equal gender balance)

In a news conference he held on Tuesday, newly elected Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau did not set a date for reconvening Parliament, saying only that the new cabinet will be named in two weeks that will have gender balance.

Yes, balanced by gender but, no doubt, not in ideology. The hard left is now in charge.

Expect more wacko moves.



  1. I live 3 miles from the Michigan/Ontario border. Ontario has been in the grip of the hard left for many years. The Ontario provincial government lent Trudeau the use of its political machine in the last election.

    The Ontario government is hard Watermellon:

  2. Equalization distributions?? Under the "conservative" Harper?

    Now, the gamble has paid off. Wynne is the bearer of a monumental IOU.

    So too are the Ontarians who voted massively for Trudeau at her behest. They are counting on her to collect in full on their behalf, and fully expecting his new government to deliver.

    How big is that political debt? About $11 billion big, if you count the amount that Ottawa collects annually from Ontario taxpayers for distribution everywhere else through equalization and other social transfers for health and education.

    But that fiscal imbalance, long an irritant at Queen’s Park, won’t evaporate overnight.

  3. ─[N]ewly elected Canadian Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau [said] that the new cabinet will be named in two weeks that will have gender balance.─

    So that translates, I would imagine, to one third of the cabinet composed of male cabinet members, one third female and one third composed of hermaphrodites, wouldn't it?

  4. He has no clue about anything except how to smoke pot. I think it should be legalized but having Trudeau as PM is too costly a price to pay just for that. The man scares me. Anyway he didn't get my vote.