Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Progress Hating HBO Documentary, By Nancy Pelosi's Daughter, Is Out

I haven't had a chance to see the film yet, but judging by the trailer and the synopsis, it's typical progress hating, gentrification hating cluelessness.

From the synopsis:
In SAN FRANCISCO 2.0, Alexandra Pelosi (HBO’s Emmy®-winning “Journeys with George”) returns to her hometown to document what the tech boom has in store for this historically progressive city, talking to various industry representatives, politicians and longtime residents hoping to maintain their place and not be left behind. Directed, produced and filmed by Pelosi, this insightful film looks at the price of progress, and the challenges of holding onto a collective past....

The city’s tech boom was born out of Silicon Valley’s tech influx, which found companies shuttling young, newly affluent employees between suburban offices and desirable residential neighborhoods of San Francisco. Mayor Ed Lee jumped at the opportunity to move companies from the Valley into the city, offering tax breaks and incentives to those relocating to the run-down neighborhood of the Tenderloin. Angel investor Ron Conway touts the city’s “progress,” but acknowledges that housing affordability is becoming a problem.

This change has been felt most acutely in places like the Mission District, where the immigrant community that’s lived there for decades is being uprooted. “The heart and soul of San Francisco is being ripped out from the city,” says activist Roberto Hernandez, who points out that the neighborhood’s historic murals are being painted over by new businesses. The number of no-fault evictions has spiked, and developers are squeezing out local businesses. SAN FRANCISCO 2.0 leaves Pelosi pondering the price of change, and wondering what “the growing divide between rich and poor [will] do to the fabric of America.” If any place can work through these problems and forge a solution, however, she believes it is San Francisco: a city rich in progressive history, which Pelosi hopes will “not leave its heart and soul behind.”
My suspicion is that nowhere in the film is Walter Block interviewed on rent controls and how they are a major contributor to the "housing crisis." Instead, it is all about hating progress.

The trailer. Note well: The last person you hear on this trailer is Berkely lefty economist Robert Reich, who has advocated pretty much every policy that has caused many, many to struggle just to pay rent. From being an advocate of rent controls to high minimum wages, this guy is bad news.


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