Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ron Paul: Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy is Not Antiwar

Daniel McAdams writes:

Bernie Sanders’ progressive fan club might want to think he is antiwar, but the record is a little bit different. His latest hare-brained foreign policy scheme? Back Saudi Arabia as a regional power to sort out Syria, Iraq, and so on. A progressive backing Saudi Arabia? More on this cockamamie scheme on today’s Liberty Report:



  1. Interesting.

    But for the libertarians among us who insist on backing the "least of all evils," the question is if Sanders' foreign policy is *still* not the least bad.

    I do find it funny that this closer, critical look at Sanders' real foreign policy views comes from a camp that itself has endorsed Rand Paul, who wants to increase the defense budget, keep supporting Israel and sabotage the Iran deal.

    See, this is why Ron Paul endorsing Rand Paul means that we can't really take his opinions seriously anymore. Since he will simply never openly criticize his son, all his opinions on other candidates will be disingenuous. He should either stay out, or embrace total objectivity. But now he is basically in nepotism-mode.

    1. Ya, don't take Ron seriously anymore and back the least of all evils Sanders. Is this some kind of reverse psychology COINTELPRO Jedi mind trick?