Thursday, May 21, 2015

Was Rand's 'Filibuster' a Desperate Move to Attempt to Solidify His Libertarian Base?

As I have indicated, I hold the view that Rand's limited objection to certain techniques of the spy state conducted by the National Security Agency, rather than an objection to the NSA itself, puts Rand's taking to the Senate floor for 10 1/2 hours, as not much more than a money raising publicity stunt.

A Politico analysis of the stunt suggests that it may have been an indication of a sign of desperation on Rand's part to shore up his libertarian leaning base. Politico writes:
People in Paul’s orbit believe that the decision to take to the floor to fight the NSA — via a long, filibuster-like speech — will galvanize the libertarian base that supported his father, Ron Paul, without turning off more mainstream Republicans. The Paul forces wasted no time fundraising off the event, something sources say will continue, and the campaign revived the #StandwithRand hashtag that Paul made popular with his 2013 filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination to lead the CIA in order to dramatize his skepticism about the administration’s use of drones. At 6 p.m., Paul supporters attempted to stage a small, impromptu rally at the Capitol.
But big moves carry big risks, as supporters of Paul’s GOP competitors pointed out. Rival campaigns and other Republicans note that times have changed since Paul burst on the national scene with his [first] filibuster.. Now, they say, with the Islamic State on the march, Paul’s efforts to restrict the NSA could jeopardize national security. Some predicted the filibuster would backfire, serving mainly to show early-state voters just how out of step Paul can be with the Republican mainstream.
This begs the question: Why would Rand attempt such a risky move? It is certainly not a move based on principle. It is a mostly a dust in the eyes stand by the ophthalmologist. And Rand has showed a remarkable willingness to come down on any issue in a way that advances his campaign for the 8 year throne, rather than advancing liberty,

Thus, the conclusion that must be reached is that Rand has thrown a hail Mary pass in the first quarter of his presidential campaign!

You don't do that, unless you expect the second, third and fourth quarters to be even worse than the first.

Is Rand having trouble raising money from his so-called base? Does the base leak as much as Rand's principles?

The latest numbers on Rand's early money raising efforts should be out within days. If the money numbers are weak for his campaign, and Jesse "Nose" Benton fails to tickle money out of billionaires for Rand's pac, then the explanation as to why Rand made the risky move to take to the floor will be much easier to understand.


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