Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Robert Wenzel Show: Alex Newman on Crimes of The Educators

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  1. "After recording it, executive producer Chris Rossini called it the most important interview I have done."

    Then you might want to get it transcribed.

  2. The "Hamster Wheel of Death" is an outgrowth of Bill Gates eugenicist familial background, which jibes very closely with the Rockefeller Foundation's goal of expunging critical thinking, and accelerated academic growth.

    Whole Word was pushed on our oldest daughter who already knew how to read before she entered kindergarten, while we lived in the wealthy enclave of Rossmoor, in Northern-Orange County, California. We were first exposed to the degenerate Whole Word system in a 1995 parent orientation meeting, and quickly taught our daughter to read using phonics before she was ever exposed to this ludicrous system. Her fellow classmates in that upwardly mobile community were forced to utilize Whole Word to their detriment. In the spring she was given the most complex part in a school performance where she recited a poem that had mothers in the audience gasping at her eloquence, and fluency in the english language. By the the summer of 1996 she was able to read to me the tragic story of Flight 800 from an issue of Newsweek while we waited in a doctors office lobby. In 2013 she passed her mathematics proofs class as one of only four, out of a class of 34 that took the final exam.

    Fast forward to today where my wife is continually subjected to what we call "The Hamster Wheel of Death", an educational system that is overwhelmed by administrators, and lobbyists who make master educators suffer at the hands of people who have never taught a day in their life. My wife has students with the highest scores, and greatest academic growth in her district for five years in a row, yet suffers everyday from district headquarters lunacy. For five years running she has refused entry to district advisors who want to tell her what she is doing wrong, and teach her how to properly educate her students. These people refuse to focus solely on schools within the district who's academic scores are in the 10th percentile, or lower. And yes, Common Core math as taught in third grade is specially designed to make it impossible for students to be proficient in multiplication, and division so they can never pass high school mathematics courses. I know of this link because my wife teaches third grade, and our daughter teaches high school mathematics, and witnesses students struggle because they never memorized their multiplication tables.

    There are no coincidences in regard to to the multi-generational attack on critical thinking, and academic growth by a group of people who wish to kill human development. We are viewed as nothing more than votive sacrifices to the gods of the liminal spaces upon which the City of Rome, the City of London, and Washington DC were built. These three cities of infamy were built in a manner proscribed by the ancient Etruscan's in 500BC, to allow the gods, and goddesses of the liminal spaces that underpin each of these cities, to utilize the thin veil that exists in these powerful liminal spaces, as sacrificial grounds to attain their unstated goals. To give you an idea how long the City of London has been revered as a votive sacrificial site, the oldest votive sacrifice in the area is over 4,300 years old. It is 18 inch high, made out of wood, and is a one eyed representation of Odin, who sacrificed an eye to drink from the Well of Urd. The water god Odin,(River Thames) was on a quest to attain for "himself" the greatest knowledge in the cosmos.

    Robert, this was by far the most important, and enlightening interview you have ever done, because everything Alex Newman stated in this interview is true. His mastery of this subject is obvious from the word go, and he completely understands what is at stake. The one caveat I would add is that he does not realize that if you are nothing more than a votive sacrifice to the gods, your education is a waste because it adds nothing of value. Why educate cannon fodder.

    Thank You!

  3. On literacy, "approximately 90 million adults performed in Levels 1 and 2" out of 5. This comes directly from the U.S. Department of Education in 1993.

    Yes, we quote Gatto extensively, and the book is actually dedicated to him and others. Why not read the facts before criticizing?

  4. Regarding pre-1900s: “A native of America who cannot read or write,” said John Adams, “is as rare an appearance . . . as a Comet or an Earthquake.”

  5. Excellent interview and sounds like an interesting book. I don't believe that the state can change its spots so I don't look for any improvement in government managed education. Let's hope the whole thing collapses of its own weight and we can get on with our lives without the busy bodies of the state. Anyone want to comment on the sacredness of the US or its constitution/declaration?