Sunday, May 17, 2015

California Bill SB 277 Bill Passes Senate; It Would Force All Children to Get Vaccinated Before Kindergarten

The San Jose Mercury News reports on the evil deed:
 A controversial bill that abolishes "personal belief exemptions" for vaccinations won overwhelming approval in the California Senate on Thursday, bolstering supporters' hopes that it will also clear the Assembly and be signed into law.
The measure by Democratic Sens. Richard Pan, of Sacramento, and Ben Allen, of Santa Monica -- introduced after a outbreak of measles in December at Disneyland sickened 136 Californians -- passed 25-10 after the two senators agreed to compromises aimed at easing its passage.
As I have stated before, measles is generally not that serious of a disease, Although mainstream media report "outbreaks," there are never any follows-ups on what happens to those who catch the disease. You can be sure if even one of the 136 that caught the disease died, CNN would be devoting hour after hour of coverage about the death.

If people want to take a vaccination and want their children to do so also, that's fine with me, but government regulations requiring vaccinations are pure evil.

As I wrote in February:
Quite frankly, the thing that is in epidemic proportions these days is not measles but government coercion. Government coercion always and everywhere, every time we come up against it, snuffs out a little bit of our freedoms and lives. And given the number of new laws and regulations that are put on the books on a daily basis, we are being nudged up against this coercion more and more often. We are, in an important sense, in a prison without walls.  That in the long run is the real killer of our life and energy---and coerced vaccinations would just add to that government kill list.


  1. I could foresee property owners in a private property society requiring people be vaccinated before allowing them on their property. I would require this of people and I imagine many others would as well. Herd immunity seems to protect the weakest among us.

  2. In a voluntary society, I think it's a little premature to automatically think there would be a bunch of areas that demanded vaccinations.
    To look at it in a 2015 police state USA mind set, maybe, but without the State hyping these diseases, with out big pharma/welfare, most of these diseases would be wiped out forever I think. And a vaccination maybe something the market would make extremely safe for one to have. Vaccinations might be seen as silly in a free society.
    I don't know, I just see that it is hard to say what a free market society would "require" with the State being completely out of the picture.
    I just watch a "I love Lucy" episode, one of little Ricky's school mates got the measles so he couldn't play in a school band recital. No hysteria, no freaking out that Little Ricky needed to be rushed to the hospital. Just, "oh no who will play the ukulele in his place?"