Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday Night Left Wing Anarchist Destruction

Left wing anarchists joined an anti-capitalist, anti-police brutality march in Oakland Friday night.

As anticipated here at Target Liberty, destruction of property ensued.

People who know some of these lanarchs, tell me that the lanarchs believe that the entire current structure of society must be destroyed and that from that destruction a benevolent socialist society will emerge.

They obviously haven't learned from history nor studied Mises, who wrote of the youth movement in the period before World War I:

It has always been the task of the new generation to provoke
changes. But the characteristic feature of the youth
movement was that they had neither new ideas nor plans.
They called their action the youth movement precisely because
they lacked any program which they could use to
give a name to their endeavors. In fact they espoused entirely
the program of their parents. They did not oppose
the trend toward government omnipotence and bureaucratization



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