Monday, April 6, 2015

What Kind of Money are They Raising, Over There at Big Bunker?

The Rand stories are just pouring out today and normally I would stop coverage, except this Politico story suggests Rand may be having money raising problems.

After obligatory mainstream attacks on Ron:
“Ron is so crazy, he says all this crazy shit, and he won’t shut up, and it’s damaging his kid … it’s a terrible situation,” says Michael Goldfarb, a veteran conservative operative and founder of the conservative Washington Free Beacon...
A top adviser to one of Paul’s likely primary opponents put the father-son relationship in blunt operational terms. “He’s got to distance himself from Ron if he wants to get out of his cul-de-sac,” the aide told me. “But he’s already underperforming his dad, and he can’t afford to lose a single libertarian vote his father got.”..
Jesse Benton, who has worked as a top adviser for both men, and married into the family a few years back, says it’s a mistake to view father and son as a twofer. “Ron is in his lane, and Rand is in his lane,” 
The story continues with bitching about Ron wanting to honor a speech obligation (Note: To the Rand camp: Honoring private contracts is what Ron is all about)
It wasn’t clear until the last minute, for example, that Ron Paul announced he would even attend his son’s Louisville campaign kickoff. Rand’s mother Carol Wells was always on the guest list, but Ron wouldn’t cancel a paid speech at the University of Minnesota during the week.
And then things get real interesting, with Politico reporting (my highlight):
the underfunded campaign scrambled to pay for an expensive charter flight to hustle him [Ron] back in time for his son’s debut.
Is this just more bitching about Ron and an "expensive" charter flight or is Rand's camapign so underfunded that a charter flight makes a difference in its cash balance?  The answer is muddy.



  1. "it’s damaging his kid"

    What a crock of shit. My $10 says Ron never told Rand to run for President, let alone suggest he would compromise his principles if he did choose to run.

    The only one hurting Rand is Rand, no one else. For that matter, Rand should stick up for his father and tell that P.O.S. Goldfarb to shut his trap.

    Even Benton has good enough sense to choose his words carefully in describing the position differences between the two.

    1. "Rand should stick up for his father and tell that P.O.S. Goldfarb to shut his trap."

      Nick, that could be expecting too much from little Randy. Apparently, he's about to undergo some serious thought about changing his surname. After all, so many people are pointing out the futility of his trying to distance himself from his dad.

      Randy will have to consider changing his last name to Lincoln, or something.

  2. Ron is the "crazy" one. That makes me laugh every time.