Monday, April 6, 2015

“Ron Paul is a Bomb Waiting to Go Off.”

The above is a quote that NYT has in a story on Rand Paul's expected announcement tomorrow that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination.

The translation, of course, is that Ron will continue to speak the truth about U.S. interventionist foreign policy and maintain a principled stance on domestic libertarian issues, even with Rand selling out wherever he must in a bid to gain the 8 year throne.

But if speaking truth about government is setting a bomb off. I say, "Bombs away!"

The article, written by Jeremy Peters, also provides the wonderful news that Jesse Benton is heading the Rand super pac.

Jesse had this to say about Ron, "“Ron’s got his own life.”  Yes, he does Jesse and it is all about speaking truth. And, come to think of it, it is a life that is quite different from what is going on at Big Bunker.

Peters got this correct:
The more purist libertarians who flocked to his father have never fully embraced [Rand]


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