Friday, April 10, 2015

The Deep Pockets of Rand Paul's Enemies versus Rand Paul's Money Bombette

Since Rand Paul officially launched his campaign, his money raise has underwhelmed.  His money bomb, which has included some people being emailed more than 7 times and being asked to contribute, has in reality become a bombette. As I write, he has raised only $1.4 million.

Rand doesn't display anywhere near the money raising capabilities of his father. Who can forget the time Ron Paul raised $6 million in a 24-hour period?

This could be a major problem for Rand. Other candidates from across the spectrum appear to have much stronger money raising capabilities. Ted Cruz, reportedly, has raised $31 million since his announcement just a few days before Rand. Jeb Bush will certainly raise big bucks. And on the Democratic side, Hillary is expected to break all kinds of money raising records.

Bottom line, this election cycle is going to be the most expensive on record by far. $1.4 million is chump change.

What I also find instructive is that the organization putting out the neocon video attacks on Rand appears to have spent an amount equal to what Rand has raised in his bombette.

When you have any enemy who can spend money on attack ads that match any money you can raise on your own, that's a big problem.

While Rand will continue to launch bombettes from his Big Bunker, the enemy is going neocon nuclear.




  1. Rand Paul's game theory strategy is to be seven moves behind his mentally inferior opponents to ensure a fair fight.

  2. I maxed out to Ron 2012. I won't give Rand anything. In all fairness though If Ron were running right now I'd also give him $0 as well. The game is rigged. Voting is for suckers. The only way we're going to get any substantive change is when it all collapses. Which will happen sometime between fall '15 and 2020. The bond market should start this fall. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better though.