Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Neocon Hit Ad on Rand is Out "Rand is Dangerous"

Despite attempting to play nice with the war hawks (by most recently calling for an increase in the war budget), the neocons don't trust him and want to destroy him more than they do Iran.

It is totally against libertarian principle and a dumb political strategy to attempt to win over the neocons.

What is Rand going to do now, become even more of a war hawk?



  1. Of course they ended the commercial with a mushroom cloud. Evangelicals and conservatives are gleefully and willfully ignorant. They love celebrate their ignorance. The same cast of clowns who brought up false claims of mushroom clouds during the run up to the Iraq War are doing the same during for a War against Iran. Most normal people would be skeptical if a group made who made previous false claims 12 years ago were making similar claims today. But not evangelicals. They guzzle this stuff by the bucket load. To them, their ignorance is righteous and is the source of their strength.

  2. Oddly enough, if I didn't know anything else about Rand, that ad would make me want to vote for him. Er... If I voted I mean.