Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ross Ulbricht Tells Mom: 'A life sentence is really a death sentence.'

In an interview with America Tonight, Lyn Ulbricht discussed the possible severity of Ross Ulbricht's sentencing:
What do I think about what he did? He’s a very freedom-oriented and libertarian guy, and I respect that. There might have been some youthful zeal in there. I think young people sometimes don’t know the consequences; they’re very idealistic. But I do know he doesn’t have a mean, violent or cruel bone in his body. I think he’s being accused of things he didn’t do...

I’ve been told by more than one lawyer that prosecutors are pushing for the maximum [sentencing] because it looks good on their resume. We’re talking about the equivalent of life. I was talking to him last week and he said, “You know, mom, a life sentence is really a death sentence. Either way, you die in prison – one just takes longer.” No one came forth as a victim in that trial to say, “Ross Ulbricht harmed me in any way.” And I find the mandatory minimums totally unconstitutional and the amount of time [they're] talking about is draconian and I would say barbaric, and certainly way beyond what’s sufficient for Ross not to ever make Silk Road again. He could walk out of prison tomorrow and they would not have a problem with Ross again. Even 20 years, which is the minimum, would be making an example of him. He’s 30 and he’d be 50 by the time he got out. You could say those are the best or most productive years of his life.

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