Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obscene in Your Face Obama Move: Dines at Home of Top CNN Executive

On Saturday evening, President Obama did nothing to hide his elitist. establishment, crony connected mainstream media/crony Wall Street world.

National Review reports:
President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Malia Obama are dining at the home of CNN executive Virginia Moseley tonight, according to the White House pool report. Moseley's husband is Thomas Nides, a former (and probably future) aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 
 Via the pool report:
Motorcade is rolling to unknown destination at 6:43 pm. No sight of POTUS as we leave White House. ...We arrive in an unbelievable neighborhood in NW DC with huge houses along Rockwood Parkway at 7 pm. According to WH:The President, the First Lady and Malia Obama are attending a private dinner at the residence of Thomas Nides and Virginia Moseley.
 Moseley is vice president and deputy bureau chief in CNN's Washington office. Her husband, Nides, is Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley.

According to Morgan Stanley,  Nides has a broad mandate focusing on the Firm’s global clients and other key constituencies around the world.  He l also works with "senior management on issues related to external and government affairs."

Nides also was Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources.


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  1. [aka Stargazer] Rock Creek Parkway! Not Rockwood. Yes, tons of crony money there.