Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The French Government Has No Interest In Ron Paul

By Chris Rossini

The French government (like the American government) will not pay attention to Ron Paul.

Reuters reports:
The French parliament voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to extend the country's military intervention against Islamic State militants in Iraq that started four months ago.

There were 488 votes in favor against one in the vote...
Blowback occurs in Paris, and as a result, Britain's Prime Minister wants to ban encrypted communication, and France escalates its foreign military adventurism.

The cycle remains intact:

Military Intervention + Blowback = The Destruction of Liberty


  1. It will help shed some light on this situation if you look at some of the hilarious Holocaust related joke cartoons at https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/01/09/solidarity-charlie-hebdo-cartoons/

    After pondering about how these cartoons are actively suppressed in the Jew-controlled media, it becomes clearer that it is a reasonable position to take that the reactionary debate should properly be framed in terms of protection of property rights (as Wenzel has already done in prior posts)

    The fools who take such risks with full knowledge of the consequences must bear the costs. At the same time, from point of view of law and justice, the prism of private property rights is adequate in this case.

    The British wanker politicians are just demonstrating that their hatred of private property is so strong a force that it succeeds in completely occluding their reason (pretending they had any to begin with). I cannot see how destroying the right to privacy of speech is a rational reaction at all - at the very minimum, it is socializing the costs, while retaining undeserved privilege for the murderers/thieves/liars/fraudsters/politicians in charge of passing such edicts.

    I fully expect the NSA/GCHQ to hunt me down and try to ruin me in retaliation for daring to point out the obvious!

  2. 488 yay, 1 nay. Sounds like they have one guy paying attention.