Saturday, January 10, 2015

Austin Petersen Attacks Ron Paul Regarding Paris Killings

Adam Dick emails:
He also says in his unique way that anarcho-capitalists should support the neocons' foreign interventions:

Here is my response to an earlier attack on Dr. Paul by Petersen:


  1. The cure for being called a commie when noting foreign policy idiocy and lies is to constantly stress that the alleged goal of the Neocons is spreading social democracy. Social democracy in a primitive and/or multi-ethnic society is a prescription for Rwanda, as I warned at the time of the Iraq invasion. Now, however, we can point to the disintegration and inter-ethnic slaughters in multi-ethnic multi-religious Iraq under a regime of social democracy as just what one would have expected from such an adventure. Just for fun, also insist that those seeking to impose social democracy are giving material aid to the terrorists. Seriously.

    Our opponents are chickens*** cowards. Face them down. They have nothing.

    1. You can even see social democracy doing that same thing here. At least the start of it. I've seen people say that the government should repeat what they did to the Japanese during WWII by reinstating internment camps for Muslims. And it seems everywhere you look, politicians and other community organizers and leaders and dividing the population along racial and ideological boundaries. There are even violent fringe groups. With the right leadership, you can see how this can get out of hand and turn real ugly as it has done in the past. Think germans rallying around Hitler and the NAZIs (democratically elected to power) on a platform of promises of better life and scapegoating "others" for their hardships.

  2. Austin Peterson is a "hardcore libertarian". LOL! That's rich.

    And no Peterson, you dickhead, Ron does not "hate freedom". He hates corrupt big government. Geez, these people are such dim bulbs. The equate criticizing government with "hating America". America is not the government Peterson. These maggot neocons need to get that through their THICK skulls.

  3. This guy Peterson's arguments are wacked out on goofballs and reek of Sunstein-ist cognitive infiltration.

  4. I used to read Peterson's site but then when he suggested that NAP shouldn't be a core pillar of libertarian philosophy I stopped going to the site regularly. Then there was some rumor that he supposedly got sexually harassed by Angela Keaton which just seemed odd