Monday, November 10, 2014

A Bill Cosby Story

I see where rumors are flying around about Bill Cosby and that various columnists are repeating the rumors as though they are fact. I have no idea whether the rumors are true or not, but I do know the columnists don't either.

Further, it should be noted that Cosby has enemies because of his frequent call for urban primitives to get their acts together. This has never sat well with the elitist-connected government busy-bodies who live off of UPs staying just the way they are. And so, Cosby's attempt to get the UPs to help themselves has resulted in his getting a big target put on his back. Such enemies are not going to frame anything about Cosby in a positive light or even a neutral light, it is going to be spun big time negative.

So again, I have no clue about the rumors. That said, I do know a Cosby story that I can vouch for 100%. It was told to me, several years ago, by a friend.

At the time, my friend was working at a major hotel in a major city. One of her jobs was to take care of major league VIPs. One of those VIPs was Bill Cosby. In fact, she was so efficient in dealing with Cosby's requests that he refused to have anyone else at the hotel serve as his assistant when he stayed at the hotel.

On one visit, he asked my fiend how she was doing and she told him fine but that her mother was in the hospital. He said, "Well, would you like me to call her to cheer her up?"

She hesitated.

Cosby said, "Look, if you were to call my mother if she was in the hospital, it wouldn't be a big deal, but, if I call your mother, it might be a big deal for her."

My friend's mother was in the hospital because she had a nervous breakdown and to say her mental state was fragile was putting it mildly. She explained this to Cosby. He shrugged, picked up the hotel phone and told my friend to dial the hospital number.

The next time my friend visited her mother at the hospital, she ran into the doctor that was treating her. The doctor said that her mother was showing marked improvement except for one thing. The doctor said. she was doing fine except that "She keeps telling everyone that Bill Cosby called her to see how she was doing."