Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More CDC Incompetence: Second Nurse With Ebola Got Green Light From CDC To Fly With Temperature

Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before boarding a commercial flight Monday because she had a slight fever.

CDC spokesman David Daigle said. "Vinson was not told that she could not fly," the government spokesperson told NBC News.

Government protection, efficiency and preparedness is mostly a myth. CDC is no different from FEMA. Never depend on the government to protect you against anything. They are all show. They harass little old ladies (and the rest of us) in what is considered by those in the know, Security Theater, but when it comes to even providing guidance to health workers heroically exposing themselves to a dangerous situation the CDC has been a complete failure.

Imagine what it would be like if a major disaster struck the United States.



  1. I would venture to guess (and dream), that primarily because punishing government workers for job negligence hardly exists, this will ALWAYS be the consequence of idiotic government bureaucrats, and their incompetent decisions. The problem is integral and engineered into the very concept of government. The only time government workers are held accountable is when there is a negative political consequence or reaction. Even when major media chooses to explore the decisions ( Louis Lerner, Fast & furious, etc), the government culprits get off scot free, or are shuffled to a different federal agency, to again screw things up.

    So until we can engineer a system of punishment into government service, for incompetent negligence, or even harsher punishments for willful acts (like going to war without congressional approval, which violates the constitution), we will continue to have what I call, The Curse of the Three Stooges, in Government. For those that are fans of their movie shorts, one can be certain, no matter how simple the plumbing leak, or problem, when the Three Stooges are called to fix something, they turn it into a flood. The house they fix usually collapses.

    Sadly, this dream of having ALL government workers and planners fully accountable, and punishable for idiotic plans gone wrong, will likely never become a reality. Some "statists" warn us, that we could not attract enough government administrators and politicians, if we could punish them with any serious financial penalties, or prison time. I say, GREAT, thats exactly what will help keep the ever growing ranks of overpaid government workers at optimally tiny numbers.


  2. Somebody should've issued an Amber Alert...