Sunday, October 19, 2014

Does He Seriously Think He Is Going to Win? Neel Kashkari is Contributing Another $1 million of His Own Money to His Campaign for California Governor

Republican bankster crony Neel Kashkari is contributing another $1 million of his own money to his campaign for California governor. He is running against current California Gov.Jerry Brown.

This despite the fact that polls have Kashkari trailing big time.

California Governor 2014

In total, Kaskari has made personal contributionsofto more than $3 million for the primary and general election.

Kashkari stated that his net worth at less than $5 million before the campaign.


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  1. California is doomed. Say hello to water bottle bans, driving restrictions, having to bring your own handkerchiefs and utensils to restaurants, and all sorts of other nanny state regulations brought to you by Governor Moonbeam and the Democrat-controlled California State Legislature. Republicans and libertarians have absolutely no voice in California, and the Republican Party in California seems to be deliberately shooting itself in the foot by nominating candidates such as Mr. Minuteman Tim Donnelly (California is 40% Latino; I'm sure a majority of them would not vote for a self-proclaimed Minuteman) and Mr. TARP engineer Neil Kashkari.

    California is doomed. We'll be at the mercy of nanny statists and public sector unions until it's too late.