Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris Christie Clarifies His Minimum Wage Comment

By Chris Rossini

Chris Christie (who is no friend of liberty or free markets) clarified his controversial statement that he was "tired of hearing about the minimum wage."

That comment earned the NJ Governor a slap on the wrist from Dept. of Labor head Tom Perez, as well as from every mouthpiece media outlet under the sun.

Well, Christie has now clarified his comments. He's still a statist extraordinaire, no need for anyone to worry:
“My comments are never almost universally interpreted the way I mean them. But that’s OK. I’ll be very clear. I’ll say it again.”

“The President wants to focus [on the minimum wage] because he’s a class warrior. What he wants to focus on is the minimum wage. I don’t believe that that’s what our focus should be. Our focus should be on creating better paying jobs for everyone in our country.”
So you see, Christie has no interest in abolishing the minimum wage, and letting supply and demand take care of employment. He has no interest in employers and employees freely making their own contracts. He has no interest in giving the poor and low-skilled a chance to avoid being forced into unemployment by a ridiculous law. Let those people eat cake.

Christie wants to "focus" on "government creating better paying jobs". In other words, an impossibility.

We all know, after watching the dictatorial Christie during Hurricane Sandy, that this is not a man who stands for freedom and liberty. He doesn't mean that government should get out of the way so that "better paying jobs" have a chance of being created. Where's the glory in that?

Christie is a team player. This was damage control so that the rest of his team doesn't get the wrong ideas.

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