Saturday, May 1, 2021

Which Side Do Libertarians Take On This Debate About Police?

Watch the discussion taking place in the first 50 seconds of the below clip between a teacher and her student. Whose side should a libertarian take?


It is a trick question, they both make good points but their points fail to address the fundamental framework. 

 Police are dangerous as the professor says but if you were to probe her perspective further, it would be clear that she is in favor of the destruction of civilization as the alternative. (Also, notice she doesn't have answers to basic questions the student put to her. Radical lefties have no ability to debate their positions that is why they are so big on cancel culture). 

 On the other hand, the student is trapped in support of government police and gives the impression they do no wrong and there are no other options.

Of course, as libertarians, we know a private police would make for a much more civilized society (See: Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person).



  1. The rampant negrophilia of libertarians always puts them on the opposite side of police.

  2. Being privy to my teen's online classes, this comes as no surprise. Soph year is almost over, yet zero Shakespeare (normally Julius Caesar, which can lead to interesting discussion) and almost no writing in English class, by a teacher who makes basic grammar/usage/spelling errors in written lessons. The entire last qtr is consumed by the genocides of the last 100+ years; that has been the ONLY subject. In *English* class.

  3. There are bad laws and the police are there to enforce them. That makes the police bad. Period. End of story. If the police would just look the other way when it comes to bad laws, and just enforce the laws related to the initiation of force, I might have a different opinion.

    You can't trust an order follower to always do the right thing. As far as I can tell, cops are taught to follow direct orders like they are in the military and many are actually ex-military so they fit right in to this mold. These order-followers in the past have followed orders to round up Americans and put them in internment camps. The Japanese-Americans in 1941 who did not volunteer to be sent to camps were rounded up by cops. Cops who were "just following orders". What's going to happen the next time that order comes down?