Sunday, May 16, 2021

Slaves Who Love Their Chains (And the Chains of the Children)

 Laurence M. Vance reports:

I noticed at a local Walmart today that their large “mask required to enter” signs are gone. Instead, there is just a small sign on the window that says that those who are fully vaccinated can enter without masks. However, not only is there is no longer a nazi at the door checking people for face mask compliance, no one at the door or in the store asks anyone if they have been “fully vaccinated.” So, due to the recent CDC guidance, Walmart seems to have, smartly, just given up being the mask police, at least in those areas without mask mandates, like Florida. Yet, I would say that 95 percent of the people in the store still wore face masks when they did not have to. Certainly not all of these people are unvaccinated. And I am still seeing people at the local county park running or biking at full speed with a mask on their face.

Most also remain masked here in San Francisco (at least 95%) where it is no longer required to wear a mask outside if you have been vaccinated. 

But the strangest thing I have seen in the last couple of days were two cases of non-maks wearers. 

I saw a heavyset man of about 40 walking with what appeared to be his daughter who was about 6. He was holding her hand as they were walking across the street. He was not wearing a mask but the 6-year old was.

The following day, I saw an unmasked couple of about 50 with what appeared to be their son of around 20. They were without masks but the 20-year-old was wearing a mask.

I found both these cases particularly bizarre. Then I realized they were following CDC guidelines to the letter. The parents had received the COVID-19 vaccines but the children had not so it was only the parents that went about maskless.

The parents were bringing up their children to follow any and all oppressive orders from the government.

I don't think there has ever been a dystopian novelist who has thought up such a surreal scene.

Do I really have to note that a 6-year old and a 20-year old have a near-zero chance of suffering a serious consequence if they become infected by COVID-19?



  1. That is horrifying; these zombies have pHarmed out all their thinking.

  2. And these kids are learning that their fellow humans are dangerous, walking biohazards.

  3. Some of these kids may be making their own decisions, like my kids do. I can advise them and show them that Fauci is the devil himself, but ultimately, the decision is up to them.

  4. Rachel Maddow needs a rewireing:

    Alex Z

  5. Saw a guy today wearing a shirt that said "Vaccinated" with a checkmark next to it. What is in a person's mind that they would buy a shirt like that? I can't fathom.

  6. I don't know why Mr. Vance doesn't seem to realize that Walmart is one of the only corporations that has respected and allowed mask exemptions from the very beginning. It was even prominently posted on their corporate website and discussed virally, in videos etc.. for the past year . Having been in Walmarts nationwide & spoken to managers to thank them, no one has been at the doors of Walmart mask checking for over a year. Its sort of scary that he seems to think that it's only because of the vax thing this week. I can only conclude that Vance has actually never been to a Walmart (??)