Monday, May 17, 2021

Lose Some Friends When You Make Them Take the Tom Woods' COVID-19 Quiz


This quiz is brilliant, though your answers won't be when you take this COVID-19 quiz by Tom Woods.

He writes in his letter:

Well, I've done it.

I said I was going to put together a COVID quiz, and with the help of my friend Tim Scott, it's done.

Now we can really see how much good the devastating restrictions, stay-at-home orders, and all the rest of it actually did.

Let's compare neighboring states that had different policies, and see if people can tell, on an unlabeled chart, which is which.

Let's see if they can tell where Thanksgiving is on this chart of the Midwest. Remember: Thanksgiving should be followed by a big spike. Try to find it!

And so on.

Enjoy, and of course please share far and wide:

Tom Woods


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