Sunday, May 2, 2021

California Legislature Proposes Bill That Would Ban Sale of Lawn Mowers

It is really getting insane out here.

Two California assemblymembers have introduced a piece of legislation that would effectively phase out leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment in the state, reports ABC10.

Assemblymembers Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) and Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) put forth AB 1346, which proposes stopping the sale of new gas-powered small off-road engines (SORE), primarily used for leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

Of course, it is done under the guise of "mitigating the impact of climate change."

Prior to being elected to the Assembly, Gonzalez was a labor leader and organizer, which I am sure provided her the opportunity to gain insight into the complex matter of climate change.

Before his election to the California State Assembly, Berman served as a member of the Palo Alto City Council, another great stepping stone on the ladder to climate change expert.

In truth, these two are political power freaks who will ride any trend that will get them media attention.

They serve the secular puritans who hate anything that represents progress and civilization.

Their motto should be "Promote anything that advances and results in more state power and advances making people miserable."



  1. So I live in the North State of Cali. Everybody in Cali has lawns. Which is why we send Billions of gallons of water to the rest of the state. Are they gonna outlaw lawns and we can only grow weeds? Bet the arrogant politicians will have illegals tend their wonderful gardens. You know: their doing the peoples business and all that.

  2. So, are cities and counties going to follow suit and stop prosecuting people for failing to mow their lawns? I'll bet that doesn't happen.

    Get ready to clip your grass with hand shears!

  3. Start small and withdraw consent by taking back control of local government which tend to be more receptive/responsive to their voters. They can provide some resistance or friction to county and state overreach. If Vail AZ can replace their board of education, what else can you do besides complain. Find out how to recall "elected" officials and find ways to reduce intrusive licensing agencies.

  4. Leaf blowers suck; useless, loud and stinky. Ban them.

  5. The Bill does not specifically address construction, where many SORE are used, but does state, “used primarily in lawn and garden equipment…” Based on this I assume that AB 1346 will not affect construction.

    California emission laws cost its inhabitance quite a bit. Contractors and Truckers have had to liquidate perfectly good (in some cases better) equipment, and replace them with equipment that meet its emission laws. Most vehicle brokers have adjusted their business plans to take advantage of this by facilitating the exchange of the diesel rigs that are no longer legal in Cali with customers in States where they are still legal.

    We know who ultimately pays this expense.