Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What's Behind the CDC's New Guidance on Masks?

CDC sociopath commissioner Rochella Walensky

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its public health guidance today, saying fully vaccinated people can exercise and attend small gatherings outdoors without wearing a face mask.

What is with this latest coprolite dump?

I suspect that the CDC is seeing a slowdown in those wanting vaccinations so this is not good news for their fastened at the hip pharmaceutical cronies. Thus, "Hey, everybody. You don't need to wear masks outside if you are vaccinated."

So this is another prod from the sociopath power freaks at the CDC for those not completely falling in line with the vaccination program.



  1. Since when does anyone need government's permission to gather with friends and family? (And why is hardly anyone asking this question?)

  2. Anyone wearing a mask outdoors is simply an idiot. Tenth grade Biology folks.

    And to answer Anonymous...

    Since the people of the US became pathetic, gutless, compliant sheep which did not just all of a sudden occur in March 2020. It has been that way for DECADES.

    Then there are those who do not even consider asking the question because they simply IGNORE the nonsense coming from criminal entities like the CDC or, as in many states, the respective Capitol Buildings and Governor's Mansions.

    1. Yes, Artless, 1984 was upon us before 1984.

    2. Yes, Artless, 1984 was upon us before 1984.

    3. Yes, Artless, 1984 was upon us before 1984.

  3. We need to start mocking the Maskers (or "Walkers," to borrow a phrase from The Walking Dead tv show). When I, unmasked, pass a Masker, I'm going to emit a quiet "Ba-ha-ha" sheep noise, that only they and I can hear.
    And when I pass a person without a mask, I'm going to say "Freedom!" as a small gesture of encouragement and recognition of a fellow Remnant.

  4. We were laughing at my house because in our area, practically everyone goes outside without a mass, so like they are giving us permission to do what we have always been doing.