Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Government Power Freaks of Canada

 Wow, just wow.

This is what being nice, and thinking the government is around to help you, gets.

Government power freaks will grab as much power as they can.

At least American urban primitives have taught US officials that there is a limit as to what they can try in the US---and they sure do keep the coppers busy.



  1. Can you tell that there is an election about to be announced in Canada? Mail in ballots anyone...? The Covidians checkmated Doug Ford, and he fell for it. Either you are with the Covidians or you are the virus. It is Mass fucking Psychosis.

  2. The restriction of movement is of course disturbing, but what I find most alarming is the criminalization of a person refusing to answer questions, i.e. refusing to say where they live or what their purpose is for being out and about (or in a Canadian's case, out and "aboot").
    I am an American lawyer and not a Canadian lawyer, so I don't know the intricacies of Canadian law, but I can't imagine it's so different from our system that either (1) One's silence can be a presumption that the defendant had no legitimate purpose for being out, and (2) One's silence is itself a criminal act.
    I just can't imagine that this type of charge---ticketed for declining to answer questions---wouldn't be easy for a lawyer to get dismissed.

    1. Maybe they don't have the benefit of taking the 5th? I'm reminded of the British version of the Miranda rights is more restrictive than the American version when I watch British procedural shows.

  3. Most of the articles have been deleted from the interent, but on Saturday- EVER POLICE FORCE IN THE PROVINCE issued statements saying they will not be enforcing any of these new measures. I found one article here:

    Doesn't really make the situation any better, but at least there is that.....