Friday, April 16, 2021

Pure Horror

Why exactly are pharmaceutical companies testing a vaccine on children when the virus causes near-zero serious problems to almost all children?


This is really getting to the crimes against humanity level.



  1. Money. More people getting the vaccine means more profits. The pharmaceutical companies will collude with other corporations to make sure their vaccines are required in order to function in modern society. Because you have such a hard on for private property, please don't complain when AstraZenecaTwitterWalmartEntergyBankofAmericaVerizon decides your opinions warrant you having your utilities shut off and not being allowed to shop in any stores. After all their property means their rules, just like censoring speech on Facebook.

  2. You must be crazy to not believe in Marxism, Medical Genious, Pharma perfection, Democracy...

  3. The reaction is not 'rare' and the causes ARE understood. Must reads: 'How to End the Autism Epidemic' by Handley (relevant to all vaccine use) and the chapter on ADHD and Autism the the book 'Medical Medium' by William for the true causes of the neurological and gastrointestinal issues and also how to cure it naturally. Staying crippled is not necessary with the right tools.