Saturday, April 10, 2021

Heroic Restaurant Owner in Burbank Defies Lockdown Orders

This was a few days ago:


There is an awesome protest supporting the owner going on right now outside the restaurant:




  1. Loving the live stream protest. Wish I could have found a livestream for the million maskless march in florida today.

    Also, digging a certain song that was playing at this protest

    Oh my

  2. I love the fact that this kid is not only running a bar and grill, but doing so during the lockdown, and while fighting tooth and nail against an oppressive city government that is intent on shutting him down - and he's only 20.

  3. This kid has some cajones. I have been at two of the protests at Tinhorn. I actually met Lucas the owner, and he seems to have his head on straight with some strong libertarian leanings. Unfortunately, fighting the city is likely a lost cause, and the owners I think understand this, yet they continue to fight in futility. It is inspiring to witness how tenacious this family, and particularly this young man is.

    On another note, one thing I noticed that was annoying is that the protests tend to lose focus from the fascist lockdowns and devolve into Trump rallies. There are many different types and brands of individuals that participated, but the Trump focus really tends to take the event off message. The Trump supporter's hearts are in the right place, but tactically they are counterproductive and marginalize potential allies. I actually overheard a couple of uninvolved individuals who were walking by across the street talking, with one saying to the other "I sympathize with the restaurant, but I can't stand what some of those protesters represent..."