Thursday, April 29, 2021

Biden Wants to Expand the Connection Between the State and Education: Why This Must Be Stopped.

President Biden in his speech to Congress on Wednesday evening called for an increased role for the state in the education of young Americans.

Biden’s plan calls for universal free preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, as well as two years of free community college for young adults.

The plan he outlined calls for $200 billion spending on free universal preschool and another $109 billion over 10 years to make two years of community college free. On top of that, the president is proposing $85 billion in Pell grants, vouchers that low- and moderate-income students use to pay for tuition, fees, books, room and board.

Note: The universal free preschool includes children from affluent families. In other words, this is more about the indoctrination of students with anti-Western Civilization thinking than anything else. It would start at an earlier age under Biden's proposal and end with more indoctrination just before a student hits the workforce.

There is zero worthwhile coming out of government education now with social justice training, equity training and hidden white bias training at the forefront. The cultural Marxist-run leaders of government education will only get their hands on kids at an earlier age and shoot a final dose of propaganda into them under government-subsidized college education.

The hallmark of a solid libertarian at this point must be, at a fundamental level, the demand that government get out of the education sector entirely, that includes student loans, vouchers and any other government education program.

The state is evil and it is on the march trying to indoctrinate our kids in pro-statist thinking.

Protest against this move must be loud and non-stop. 

It is one of the most vicious things the state can do as it tries to consolidate its power.

Ask yourself:

How many kids will they turn into informants against their parents?

How many kids' minds will they turn into jello with non-stop propaganda about social justice, equity and the necessity and greatness of the state?

I have seen others boldly claim they have drawn the line with other statist interventions but there is nothing worse than statist control of the very young onward until they graduate some level of college. 

This is a plan for the creation of a new generation with the mental capabilities of a potato.



  1. The Nazi Lebensborn program, re-dux.
    But hey, it's never too early to teach kids they're trans-sexual.

  2. BTW, anyone else catch Biden saying last night "'We the People' is the Government."---?
    I almost barfed, then and there.
    That's the kind of crap they want to indoctrinate [rather, keep indoctrinating] our kids with...
    I've said for many years, the greatest libertarian accomplishment would be to abolish government schooling. Separation of Education and State...

  3. This kind of thing has been in the works for years and years. Obama was pushing the same agenda, an education plan that begins at birth in 2008. Hopefully it will fail this time too. I think the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training (RT) is starting to rile up parents. Interesting times, Interesting times...

  4. Home schooling will boom more than ever. Most parents are smarter than these clowns, and many will form alternate education associations, until it's made illegal.

  5. What do I ALWAYS say about the Idiocracy??


    For years now!

    It will get far worse than most can imagine.