Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Golden Globe Ratings Crash

The world hates virtual.

Ratings for Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards show on NBC dropped more than 62% to 6.9 million from last year’s roughly 18.3 million, according to Nielsen data. 

This year’s show was largely a live virtual telecast. Stars appeared via remote feeds, but only from the waist up, according to The Wall Street Journal. .The hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, were on different stages one in New York and the other in Beverly Hills.

The ratings were the lowest since the event went to NBC in 1996 (excluding the year of the screenwriters' strike). 

In other words, the Hollywood left is destroying itself by supporting the lockdowns and the COVID panic.

BTW, I didn't watch so I have no idea who won anything. I am not sure I would have recognized any of the names of the winners anyway.



  1. This is good to see. Or in this case, for people not to see. These fake merit shows serve as nothing more than disguised propaganda outlets for bored and sexually frustrated folks, mostly women. The less people tuning in, the better. I'd like to see a 100% ratings drop next year.

    David B.

  2. Robert, I doubt you missed anything. I've never watched a Golden Globes and I never will.

    While I can still find an occasional "gem" worth watching, most of the films coming out these days aren't worth my time.

  3. Wow, who woulda thunk it? I still recall my teen daughter's comment a few weeks into this mess: "Dad, I realized I don't need celebrities anymore." Seems there are millions who feel the same. It's one of the silver linings in this black cloud.

  4. What these Hollywood nitwits don't realize is that most of us don't partake in their movies, concerts, etc. because we think they are great.
    We watch because their shows are a part of our individual social network. Something we talk about at the "water cooler", provides a venue for a date with new girlfriend, etc.

    We're not allowed to be social anymore so who needs Hollywood?

    Same can be said for professional sports which have also seen their ratings tank.

  5. Hopefully, it's hypocrisy the world hates.

    "After whipping Trump mercilessly like a rented mule for four years, now that we have a mentally-incompetent Democrat in the Oval Office, we decided not to do mean-spirited political jokes."