Thursday, March 4, 2021

Man Who Rammed His Car Through a Koch Family Gate Is Given Probation

Aron James White, 42, who injured a police officer after intentionally ramming through a security gate at a Koch family home in Wichita has been sentenced to three years of probation, reports AP.

The Koch family did not pursue charges after the January 2019 incident, which caused $20,000 damage to the gate and $10,000 in damaged landscape, The Wichita Eagle reports.

Court records say White rammed the gate after a security guard refused to let him enter. He then hit a patrol car used by officer Atlee Vogt, who suffered bruising and minor burns when the airbag deployed.

Investigators said at the time that White may have been under the influence of drugs. He had no known connection to the Koch property and didn't live in the area.

Records show Chase Koch, the son of multi-billionaire Charles Koch, lived at the property at the time of the incident.


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